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    Keeping track of environmental change has never been more important, as our increasingly unpredictable climate is constantly altering the look of our land and seascapes. Whether you’re a curious bystander, or someone with a more vested interest in how oceans, rivers and lakes are transforming, the fact is, they are evolving rapidly and someone needs to document it.

    To understand the implications of our changing environment for industry, and for the public in general, hydrographic experts must measure and describe the changes taking place around us. Indeed, explaining what’s happening and accurately predicting future changes will ensure safety in marine navigation, maintain economic development and ultimately, help protect our environment.

    Aquamap Hydrographic Services provides a range of hydrographic solutions globally, including environmental monitoring, tidal and current analysis and geodetic survey control. From mapping the sea floor, to surveying rivers, tracking vessels and investigating shoals, an extensive variety of mapping and surveying solutions are available for clients all over the world.

    Based in Townsville, Queensland, Aquamap Hydrographic Services is ideally placed for quick response surveys across the top of Australia and beyond. Operated by Mick Fitzpatrick, who has over 20 years’ hands-on experience within the surveying industry, expert, professional services are an absolute guarantee.

    With hydrographic projects including work in to Vietnam, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Pacific Islands, as well as all parts of Australia, if there’s an area you need surveyed, Aquamap Hydrographic Services is the perfect solution.

    Aquamap Hydrographic Services

    Key Clients

    Working with commercial clients across the world, Aquamap Hydrographic Services provides a reliable, accurate and professional surveying service for a wide range of clients in Australia and beyond.


    Mapping the changes in our oceans and rivers and predicting future variations in the seascape, Aquamap Hydrographic Services provides a full range of professional surveying services. Operating on a global level, services include everything from beach surveys to mapping the sea floor; surveying rivers and carrying out boat ramp inspections and investigation surveys. If you need a survey carried out, then Aquamap Hydrographic Services is the place to contact in Queensland.

    Call today on  0448 299 004  for more information on our hydrographic services!

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